Testimonials About Our Expert Coaching

It is our sincere intent to deliver exceptional and expert coaching AT ALL TIMES and epitomize the very presence we implore in others in every relationship we build.  To keep abreast of our interactions with our clients, families, communities, and partners – we are constantly inquiring about their experience with Positive Presence.

It is our mission to encourage and enable everyone at every age to find their purpose, passion, and platform

to live a positive life and be a role model to all.

Additional contacts and references are available upon request.


Model Coaching

‘Positive Presence is a great resource for prospective models and their families to learn about the modeling industry. The Director’s presentation style keeps students of all ages engaged. Families will walk away with great resources that will help them decide if working with an agency or freelance modeling is right for them.’

Kristy (Mother)

‘I have had a great experience with Positive Presence, it gave me the confidence to apply to agencies.  Thank you for the coaching!’

Charlee (Signed with Donna Baldwin)

Expert Coaching


Model Coaching

‘We are beyond blessed to be a part of such a passionate, professional, positive tribe. My son Jordan had his photo shoot today and it literally brought me to tears. To see the Positive Presence team work with him, collaborate and the magic come to life blew me away! The beauty of Positive Presence is that we don’t have to change who we are for that light to shine brightly. We will forever be a part of the positive presence family!’

Racquel (Mother)

‘Positive Presence has helped me kick start my career and make me the best model/role model I can be!’

Jordan (Signed with Talent Inc)

Expert Coaching


Model Coaching

‘Positive Presence has been such an inspiration to work with. Michelle does such an amazing job with all her models. She truly cares about every model and family she works with. We have been blessed to have the Positive Presence family in our lives. Thank you for all you do and spreading your love and positivity!’

Wendy (Mother)

‘Positive Presence is an amazing model coaching program and I have learned so much.  I am so happy to have been a part of such an incredible family and can now enter the modeling industry in the right way.’

Maiya (Signed with Natalie Lynn Talent)

Expert Coaching

Eli & Elexus

Model Coaching

‘We love working with Positive Presence! Both of my children have been working with them for the past two years and have learned modeling skills and personal skills they will take with them for life!’

Cammy (Mother)

Eli & Elexus (Managed by a CA Talent Agent)

Expert Coaching


Model Coaching

‘AMAZING! What a wonderful way to empower young women and build them up. There’s so much negativity being fed to our children through social media and the outside world, this is a wonderful way to remind them of what’s truly important – their inner beauty and self-confidence!’

Aida (International Freelance Model)

Expert Coaching


Model Coaching

‘‘Michelle radiates love, kindness, and beauty. She’s contagious! She sees the good and potential in everyone and I appreciate her desire to help foster that. I look forward to working with her in the future because the few times I have, it’s left an impression on me!’

Gina (Freelance Model)