Ah, confidence – that empowering ‘thing’ that all of us want to believe we have but do we? Over 90% of all women in the world suffer from low self-esteem at some point in their lives. What’s worse is that 81% of teenage girls experience feelings of low self-worth and engage in negative activities to drown it out. Many women and girls have either lost confidence in themselves or realize they’ve never had it to begin with.

For so many in our society, especially our youth, confidence is oftentimes drowned beneath self-doubt, an increased pressure to be perfect and thousands of negative outside influences.  We believe that when you practice self-love, confidence follows and that new-found light from within begins to spread so great that others around you become overwhelmingly inspired to find and share their light as well.  This is the circle of inspiration we strive for every student to experience!

Our confidence coaching program is a deep and insightful approach to help permanently change how our students feel about themselves and how they approach the world – ultimately helping them find and become the best version of themselves.



Our team offers an intense online curriculum taught via Zoom so our students can keep the same hands-on approach as if they were taught in person!  This six-month one-on-one coaching program offers two 2-hour classes per month with our corporate coaches.  Classes are scheduled based on the student’s availability and are scheduled in advance as a part of our onboarding process.

Our classes strive to ERADICATE insignificance by helping our students identify their unique strengths, opportunities and what gives them joy all while creating a positive driven life.  We ENSURE that each one of our students identifies their own personal values and understand how to live a life that is congruent to those values.

It is our mission to SUPPORT each student in becoming more aware of their beauty and light within themselves and all around them by becoming a more positive individual and CREATE their own positive presence through practicing authenticity, resilience, and self-acceptance.

We ASSIST our students by helping them find prosperity through financial education and proactive financial planning and ALLOW our students to tap into their own personal power and potential through affirming beliefs and manifesting behaviors.