Positive Presence Mentor Coaching is the VERY BEST OPTION for teenagers and adults going through life-changing experiencies including graduating high-school, having a baby, starting a business, participating in a competition and more.

These mentor sessions with our founder – Michelle Marie King – are designed to mentor each student on any difficulties they are experiencing in their life, modeling questions, time management questions and anything else they’d like to explore.

Each mentor session will be scheduled in advance based on the length of each class you choose below.  All classes will take place online via Zoom Video Conferencing unless the student lives within 15 miles of our corporate office in Castle Rock, CO.

All items that support the student in their difficulties or questions will be given at the coach’s leisure.

mentor coaching

Mentor Coaching


Students can choose one or two one-hour mentor sessions PER MONTH for a length of up to ONE YEAR based on their needs.

A complimentary consultation will be provided and a complete needs assessment will be facilitated at the onset of the coaching to outline goals and concerns.

Mentor coaching is a great alternative for those students who might not have identified their coaching needs yet, but still want some general guidance on certain aspects of their life.