Our model coaching program is THE VERY BEST WAY to start your modeling career!

Modeling is a hard industry to break into – once you’re in, it gets even harder.  Aside from shady photographers, stressful casting calls, and demanding agents, most models suffer from low self-esteem, negative body image, eating disorders and even depression.  The modeling industry is a beautiful world to play in but only looking from the outside in.

Michelle Marie King, Founder of Positive Presence, ran the gamete as a model over the past 12 years.   Starting off in International Runway at the age of 18, then being cast as a billboard model in 5 states across the country, featured in countless national spokes-modeling campaigns and walking in hundreds of runway shows – she later retired from the industry at the age of 30.  But her time as a model was not all glamorous and beautiful as it may have seemed from the outside.  Michelle suffered from eating disorders, depression, and attempted suicide and still struggles with some of the ‘not so proud’ moments she’s had as a model.

At the age of 25, Michelle started taking a back seat to her own modeling career and began mentoring prospective models on everything from self-confidence, runway and industry etiquette.  Since then, Michelle and her coaches have helped hundreds of prospective models enter into the industry in a positive way.

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Through this specialized coaching, we help our models UNDERSTAND their value and learn how to get paid as a professional model.  We teach them how to CREATE positive relationships amongst agencies, photographers, casting directors, other models and industry professionals.

We offer SUPPORT as they maneuver through the industry as a freelance model if they choose to be and PROVIDE valuable insight into the differences and benefits of signing exclusive vs. non-exclusive.

We TEACH them how to look like a model on the outside and maintain confidence, positive self-esteem and positive body-image in an oftentimes tumultuous industry.