Short Confidence Coaching Programs

Since we’ve started this business of confidence coaching, we’ve come to realize that not everyone needs every class we teach, but we’ve also learned that every person needs support in one or more of the following categories.  Choose which category you’d like support in most and scroll down to see the classes included.

Emotional Intelligence Package

The Positive Presence Emotional Ownership Classes are designed to help our students understand the biological, psychological, and social aspects of emotions. This set of meetings breaks down emotions into four parts: Emotional Awareness, Emotional Accountability, Emotional Concept & Emotional Actualization.

Role Model Package

A role model is someone who not only is an advocate for themselves but also inspires others to achieve potential in their own life.   These classes help our students understand all the crucial elements of being a role model, including the greatest attribute, which is the ability to inspire others.  After this customized program, our students determine what they are passionate about and can share that passion with others.  They can create a clear set of values, demonstrate a commitment to the betterment of their community, selflessly accept themselves and others and leverage new techniques to overcome obstacles.

Leadership Package

Compassion, trust, contribution and ownership are just a few of the characteristics leaders need to possess to truly make a difference as a leader in our society.  Knowing the difference between being a leader and being a boss is extremely important.  This understanding is a practical way to improve communication throughout all aspects of life, education, relationships and work.

Personal Development

Our personal development package is an intense outward journey starting with health fitness, hair, makeup and skincare and personal styling and ending with what is the most important aspect of personal development – future planning.  Our students are able to use this coaching to not only help them feel more confident on the inside but look more confident on the outside as well.